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QX is the largest LGBT-media publisher in Scandinavia with QX Monthly, QX.se, QX.fi, Internet community Qruiser.com, QX Shop with rainbow wholesale and QX online GayMap. QX also arranges the yearly GayGala-award in Stockholm, broadcasted on national television, the yearly GayGaala in Helsinki and we work with sponsorship for the community.

QX Publishing started 1995 with the aim to create communication platforms for the LGBT-community in Scandinavia. Today QX publishes a Monthly magazine with a circulation of 31 000 and digital distribution via Issuu. The company also publishes the web site QX.se and QX.fi covering entertainment news as well as political and cultural events in Swedish and Finnish. QX.se has approximately 80-90 000 unique visitors a week (statistic published at KiaIndex). The largest Scandinavian LGBT social community Qruiser is also a part of QX Publishing. Qruiser.com has 90 000 active members, presented in Swedish, English, German, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish. We also arrange a yearly award-ceremony called GayGalan handing out prizes for LGBT-achievements both in Stockholm and Helsinki.
QX GayMap online is a guide to Scandinavia, and for Scandinavian LGBT travellers to gay friendly destinations around the world. The guide is presented in connection with QX.se and Qruiser.com, making it available for the 100 000 plus visitors using the platforms.

QX Magazine

QX is a monthly magazine published in Swedish, with a circulation of 31 000 copies and is distributed free of charge.
QX can also read the magazine online via Issuu.


QX.se publishes entertainment, cultural and political news in Swedish, of interest for a gay and gay friendly readership.
Approximately appr. 80′ – 90 000 unique visitors a week visit QX.se (see KiaIndex), making it the main provider of LGBT-related information in Swedish.


QX.fi started as a blog at the Qruiser LGBTQ-community, publishing newsof interest for a gay and gay friendly readership in Finnish.


Qruiser.com has appr. 90 000 active members and apps. 100 00 unique visitors a week (see KiaIndex)) and is the largest LGBTQ internet/social community in Scandinavia.
Qruiser.com is published in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, German and English.
Visit Qruiser.com

QX Event

And the winner is…
QX Event organises QX GayGala in February each year. A high end celebration of the LGBT-community. The gala was broadcasted on national television in 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. QX also arranges mingling, parties and social activities all year around. Since 2014 we also arrange the Qx GayGaala in Helsinki celebrating the LGBTQ achievments in Finland.

QX GayMap Stockholm-pocket sized issue

QX GayMap Stockholm is a printed summer guide in English to the Stockholm gay scene.
The printed map has a distribution of 40 000 copies and is published in May each year. GayMap Stockholm 2016

QX Shop

OnLine LGBT shop with Pins, Rainbow flags, books and jewellry. Available at QX.se/shop in Swedish, Finnish and English. Visit QX Shop

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