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Tisdag 25 oktober 2016
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Läs QX Oktober 2016 här!
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Foto: Christian Hagward

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden at the QX GayGala

STOCKHOLM. At the QX GayGala,
 that where held for the 15th time Monday the 4th February, the Crown Princess of Sweden, Victoria, made a surprise visit handing out the award ”Gay, Bi, Trans of the Year” to author Jonas Gardell. See the video from her apperance and the handing out of the QX Honory Award to the LGBTQ-ommunity in Uganda.

At the 15th QX GayGala around 1500 people from all over Sweden, among them the Minister for Justice, Beatrice Ask and former Minister for Justice Thomas Bodström as well as Eurovision Song Contest winner Loreen.
Prices where handed out, voted for by the readers and visitors of QX Magazine and QX.se as well as members of the Qruiser.com community.
When Crown Princess made her surprise visit to the tones of ABBAs Dancing Queen at the end of the Gala to hand out the "Gay, Bi, Trans of The Year"-award the audience at first did not really belive it to be true. Then the cheers never stopped! The news about the Crown Princess taking part in the GayGala-award-event spread fast over the world!
The prize was handed out to author Jonas Gardell for his trilogy and TV-serie "Never Dry Tears Without Gloves" about the AIDS crisis within the Gay Community
in the 80th.

See the video with English subtitles:
Foto: Christian Hagward

Foto: Christian Hagward
Lawrence Kaala and Jimmy Sserwadda at the QXGaygala.

Each Year QX also hand out it's own Honory Award. This year the prize was given to the LGBTIQ-movement in Uganda. Since Kasha Jacqueline was not able to make it to the GayGala the price was accepted by the newly wed Jimmy Sswerwadda and Lawrence Kaala.

See the speech of Jimmy Sserwadda here:
Foto: TV4

And the greeting from Kasha Jaqueline here:

Foto: Kasha Jaqueline
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Foto: qx.se

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