For the first time ever, two cities hosted World Pride simultaneously: Denmark’s capital Copenhagen and Swedish city Malmö, located only 30 minutes away. The Öresund bridge connecting the two cities was beautifully lit in rainbow colors, for all the tourists and commuters.

World Pride 2021 opened on Thursday, August 12th, with a corona-safe parade at Malmö Stadion with political speeches by among others the Minister of Gender Equlity Märta Stenevi and a performance by Eurovision winner Loreen.

Loreen at the opening of World Pride 2021 in Malmö

While Malmö hosted many of the LGBTQ+ seminars and talks, Copenhagen transformed the central square Rådhuspladsen into Pride Square. Thousands and thousands of visitors took advantage of the looser restrictions and met up to party, drink, dance and celebrate love, night after night.

Unfortunately, the pandemic put a halt on the planned Pride Parade. Instead, World Pride wrapped up this weekend with no less than six smaller Pride marches through Copenhagen.

Öresund bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö during World Pride 2021

During the eleven days of Pride, the cities of Malmö and Copenhagen also hosted this year’s EuroGames with more than 4000 competing athletes, as well as the Human Rights ForumMary, Crown Princess of Denmark, was among the guests. And the Prime minister of Denmark, Mette Fredriksen, walked in the parade.

Photographers and reporters from were there to capture the spirit. Look back at World Pride 2021 with some of our best photos of the parties, the parades and the people. Like and Share!